Guatemala Coffee is a skilled coffee roasting firm which produces high quality blends for cafes, bars and for home consumers. The production process pays very special attention to the diverse characteristics of the raw material (coffee beans are a product of the land and each picking seasons has its own peculiarity).
Our coffee, infact, undergoes a slow roasting procedure which is carefully checked so as to reach a perfect roasting stage and thus be satisfactory when drunk in the cup.
Each type of coffee (different according to variety and place of origin) has its precise roasting time and is often toasted separately according to the type and size of the coffee bean. In the coffee Industry, in order to shorten the necessary roasting time some varieties of coffee beans are mixed before being roasted and the roasting temperature is eventually increased. Such a procedure will certainly reduce time and costs but will limit the possibility of reaching a balance of taste and fragrance of the coffee.

The main characteristics of our coffee production:
• An accurate selection of coffee beans according to variety and place of origin.
• The diversification of the roasting process according to the type of coffee and size of the coffee beans.
• An accurate control (regulation) over the process of roasting. A slow roasting process will enhance the flavour inside the coffee bean.
• The selected and accurate mixture of coffee beans performed immediately after the roasting process.
• The delivery of freshly toasted coffee.
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